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Monopoly (englisch für „Monopol“) ist ein bekanntes US-amerikanisches Brettspiel. Ziel des Das älteste heute noch erhaltene Spielbrett stammt von dort​. So lernte Maxine Brady (Original) / Tom Werneck (deutsche Übersetzung): Monopoly. Eben ein ganz klassisches Monopoly Spiel. Stabiles Spielbrett und auch ansonsten alles einwandfrei. Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen, aber ich denke, es wird. Suchergebnis auf für: monopoly spielbrett. Monopoly - Monopoly Classic (Deutsche Version). 4,2 von 5 Sternen. Spielgeld, Monopol Party, Monopoly Spielbrett, Harry Potter Monopol, Monopoly Template Monopoly Deutsch, Diy Spiele, Brettspiele, Kindheitserinnerungen. Monopoly Spielzeug, Monopoly Spielbrett, Monopoly Spiel, Anniversary Edition - Monopoly Wiki Spielzeug, Deutsch, Monopoly Spiel, Monopoly Spielbrett.

Monopoly Spielbrett Deutsch

Eben ein ganz klassisches Monopoly Spiel. Stabiles Spielbrett und auch ansonsten alles einwandfrei. Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen, aber ich denke, es wird. Die deutsche Version vom Rick and Morty Monopoly gibt exklusiv und NUR bei Vorschau: Rick and Morty Monopoly Deutsch Spielbrett Box Vorschau: Rick. Ein vollständiges "Monopoly"-Set beinhaltet neben Spielbrett, Figuren, Geld und Karten 32 Häuser und 12 Hotels. Sind alle 32 Häuser gebaut. The actual VAT requirements and rates may vary depending on the final sale. Please enter a valid postcode. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It's a lot of files, and they probably go here some description. RC 14 November, Unknown 26 September, Skip to content Euro Finals Euro will begin in June as the tournament returns with a brand new look. Click to see more to Dream Big! Ok, so I know it been forever since you posted this, but I can only find a place to print visit web page 16x20 and 18x I used the Harry Potter Scene It tokens as playing pieces. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Probleme Melden Paypal bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Bewertungen lesen, schreiben und diskutieren Denn dies kann man sich zunutze machen, um in den Auktionen zu obsiegen und weitere Monopole zu schaffen, die man ebenfalls mit Häusern zupflastert, sofern noch welche verfügbar sind. Ziel des Spieles ist, nicht bankrott zu gehen, bzw. Warhammer Denn sie beruht eben auf einer strikten Einhaltung der Spielregeln, die — wie erwähnt — keine Erweiterung des verfügbaren Hausbestands vorsehen. Es gibt übrigens auch noch weitere Details bei "Monopoly", die vielen Spielern nicht bekannt sein dürften. Game of Thrones - Collector Chess - Brettspiel Wer sich diesem Stress gewachsen fühlt oder seine Mitmenschen einfach richtig frustrieren möchte, article source sich an ein paar einfache Regeln halten, um bei dem Spiel zuverlässig als Sieger vom Platz zu gehen. Die eine ist im Grundprinzip die bis heute bekannte.

File Size. EastFist Online. See all 88 collections some may be hidden. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

Das Spielbrett ist aber noch auf Englisch wird sich aber in Zukumpft ändern, aber alles andere ist auf Deutsch. Bugs und Feher bitte immer Melden.

Fehler frei, platz für jeden Spieler und alles gut lesbar. ChriSchan 4 Aug, am. Danke für das Nachbauen der originalen deutschen Version!

Tonderz No, that's the german version! Tonderz 3 Jul, pm. Is there and English version!? Or can this be played in English?!

This looks amazing! WastelandNerd 28 Jun, pm. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Thank you for posting this :- As for the playing pieces, there's plenty of interesting things on Etsy.

I was looking into download your files for my own personal game usage, cuz it looks brilliant and I love Harry Potter, but it looks like your board images won't download It looks fabulous though!

You are an absolute legend. My gf will love this. The fact that you have been so generous to make this available to everyone is amazing.

I assume that to sell this would result in some Hasbro heavy's wanting to sue you, but man do you deserve to be paid for this!

You're a talent. Hi, thank you for your amazing work, i was looking for a potter monopoly and i'm so glad i find your website. I've spent almost 2 days to translate it i'm french and now i just have to print it!

I'm dutch so I would love to translate it and then print it, how did you edit the designs? Merci beaucoup!

Thank you so much! I am definitely making one for my nieces I just have to translate stuff to Finnish :D. Thank you for your so cool post,it is useful,i love it very much.

Thank you for sharing all your hard work! It's truly amazing! I was wondering if you can share how you did the sides of the box what kinds of images used, sizes, etc.

Thanks again for sharing your awesome creation. It's absolutely amazing what you have done. I'm downloading the printables so I can play asap :D but I cannot download the board It will make us very very happy.

Thank you a lot! I love it and I know a bride that will love it even more. I'm going to produce this as part of a gift to a Harry Potter themed wedding.

Thank you for all the work you have put into this. I made this for the 8 year old I nanny for and he loves it!

I was able to download the board. When I clicked on the picture I got an error, but then at the bottom right there was an option to download and that worked.

My problem was that the file was too big to print. I had a friend divide each file into 4ths and save as jpgs. Then I printed on my own printer.

My board was not the same size as was mentioned in the blog, so I measured it, then divided it in half and then divided that by 4 since I had each file divided into 4ths.

Then I inserted each file as a picture into Microsoft Word and used the format feature to choose the exact width and height to print.

Then I modge podged it all onto the board. I used the Harry Potter Scene It tokens as playing pieces. I also added the original car and boot Weasley's car and portkey so there are 6 pieces.

Is there any chance that you could upload the files that you got resized? I'm struggling so much to figure out how to reprint it!

Or even e-mail them to me? Although I'm sure there are others who are struggling as well! Is it possible to reload the files for the board?

Thank you very much! This is really amazing. I would like to try and make one for my sister for x-mas gift, she's a big harry potter freak :P she got like 4 tattoos from HP and shit, but as the guy above me said, some of the printables doesnt seem to work any more : is it possible to re-upload them or if not maybe i can get them sent to me by email?

This Seems to be soo good, but i cant open or see 4 files; both of the board-files and both box-files :' Im really intrested in making one, and I really appreaciate any help i can get..

So please if you can reupload them or you could also send me an email? They're just too large to preview.

Download them, and they work just fine :. Once downloaded double click and then click the 'extract all' button and choose where you want to save them.

This worked for me :. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I am having issues opening the board and box pdfs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Guys, the board and box files all work. The previews don't show up because the files are so big, but if you just download them, they work great!

This is the best Monopoly ever! Thank you so much in name of HP fans! Because of the comments as well as the emails I keep getting, I'm setting up an alternate share folder from SkyDrive.

Hopefully it works better for those having difficulty with Google Drive. I cant seem to get the right size printing. Im printing on normal 11 x 8.

Anyone know how to set it up so it prints on multiple sheets and i can cut piece them together like a puzzle on the monopoly board?

I am having the same issue with printing the board and box cover. I tried taking it to Office Max to have printed on a large paper but they wouldn't do it for me.

I am willing to print it in sections and just modge podge it together put not quite sure how to do that. I Saw a previous post listed where someone did the same thing - might try that.

Otherwise - any suggestions on where else I could take it to print on 17X22 paper or how to print sections on 8.

Hello Harry Potter Fans! I just finished making this board and putting everything together, and I wanted to share with you the pieces that I got, and the money that I made using these templates.

You can also go to your local game card shop to get dice that fit the theme as well. We got ours from gencon.

I took the resources here and had them printed at Office Max. I didn't have any problems there, but I suggest that you have them cut them instead of cutting them yourself..

I made this mistake and regret it now. Anyway, the printing of everything excluding the money because I could print it on paper at home cost me about 45 dollars.

They were also having a sale on the 18x24 paper that day I also got a new game board in the box from walmart for 5 bucks.

First off - OMG this is soo totally awesome. The time and energy put into this is unbelievable. These templates will help me to make some pretty epic Christmas gifts.

After reading through all the ideas and tips and tricks, I have some different thoughts about the money - I think I may be able to create coin shaped money for Galleons Sickles and Knuts, and if I succeed I will definitely share my findings with everyone.

And Cindy, kudos on finding the dice and thinking of using the castle and hovel pieces from the Disney Monopoly. They will fit in perfectly!!

Thank you so much for designing the monopoly money!! It really makes the game complete! The board and box files are not opening anymore : Any help or suggestions please?

I promise i will even write your name under the board. These files are too big to view but CAN be downloaded. So, I recently found this on pinterest and made it for a family member for a Christmas gift.

I used modge podge for the board and box. And, decided to try spray adhesive for the property cards. It worked SO much better!

The modge podge is too wet It wrinkles the paper The lines are offset by just a few hairs. I attempted to print 2 sides on the property cards - I did the first page only.

Total bust. Page one front you have them listed in reverse order Hogwarts express, broomstick, floo, portkey Change up the order so they are the exact same from left to right and top to bottom, Two-sided printing would be perfect.

I cannot wait for Christmas morning! Thank you for your suggestion about spray adhesive instead of modge podge! I will look into that.

I am assuming you printed on normal paper and then used spray adhesive. But did you seal it with Modge Podge or something similar after?

No need to reload any files. The board and box files are too large to open and other users don't realize they need to only download.

For those frustrated at trying to get to the files, this worked for me! There is no "print to file" option any longer either, I guess Win7 bit.

Both opened the files with a black background behind the picture. The board and box files no longer seemed to exist, and I didn't want to print the others just yet.

I wanted to save them, but could only open them on-line and print at that time :- I tried right-clicking and left clicking in both browsers.

Neither worked. Then, in Google Chrome, at the very bottom right outside the frame, sort of is a blue box that says "open" and beside it, a down -arrow that actually downloaded the PDFs!

On the larger ones there were warnings, but I downloaded anyway and now have the files. So, I wanna print this out, but I'm translating it to Portuguese because not all of the people I'd play this with know English.

I'm covering up the English in photoshop and placing the translation on top I'm far very far from being a photoshop expert I'm actually surprised that I managed to do this much , so does someone have any tips or any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Aside from that, it looks pretty good. Thank you for sharing this!!! You're an angel!!! Sorry if this has been mentioned previously, but could someone tell me which texture is used on the board?

I would like to apply it to the cards as well. Thank you. Also, just got excited as I remembered I have HP scene it, which I never play, that has awesome game pieces I can use!

Im so excited about putting this together, but can you tell me what paper or background you used for the property cards?

I noticed that in the finished product, the property cards matched the board, but in the pdf's it's just on plain white paper.

Hey I have a question or a problem. They are just to big to preview. You can download them to your computer though and you'll be able to view them just fine :.

Your work is just incredibly wonderful! I found it as i was looking for ideas to help me making my own HP Monopoly.

I'd like to use your board, but how can i do to erase the name of the properties in English to write it in french i'm French?

If someone could tell me, it would be really very nice! I'm doing the same into Portuguese.

I use photoshop. Use the Clone Stamp tool over the writing in English and write it in French over it. I wanted to repin the Harry Potter Monopoly image I saw and took me a while to find the real source!

I know what I am making my sister!! I am having trouble opening the pdf's in a program that I can print. You sir, are an absolute diamond, the design work in this is absolutely amazing and you're awesome for sharing this with everyone!

On behalf of my best friend who will be receiving this as a birthday present, Thank you!! Wonderful design. Where did you print the files?

FedEx won't allow me to print due to the copyright material Monopoly guy, HP font. I am sure you have almost completely given up on reading or replying to the comments on this feed.

You work is astounding, and that's phrasing it mildly. There are many imitations out there of people sell these despite copyright infringement , and yet yours is still the best created.

Your fame for such is quite earned. I would however, like to request on the slightest possibility that you will read, and even slighter possibility that you'll reply since this feed shows no reply from you in almost two years if you wouldn't mind sharing the AI illustrator files for these with me.

I honestly love everything about your design and do not wish to alter it, but would like to use it to build currency from while maintaining continuity through the game.

There are many awesome icons and images you've most likely created, that I would love to implement into currency for the game.

While others on the web have created such most likely because you haven't taken on that project I would like to keep everything consistent with your design and creation.

One of your "Potion" Cards says "Pay poor tax of sickles, or 15 galleons. I understand that you my not want to release your work, which is why I assume despite the many requests for PDF formats you made it into PDF's.

I can assure you that anything I am able to make from it, will never be sold or distributed, it is for my own personal project, and if you'd like I could even send you what I create from it for your wife's version.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration, and again you have done what nobody else has been able to do.

And have taken it to a level envious of the creators of the original game. You're fame from it is well deserved. Please reach out with a reply, my email is KAmico cfl.

Thank you again for all your hard work. This is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing the files. I cannot wait to find a game board or two and turn them into Potter Monopoly!!!

I have been wanting to download these files and create a game for my son for a while. I finally get to downloading it to create it for him for Christmas and I can't download the box or board files!

All the other ones work and downloaded just fine, but I would love the board. I will try them on my parents computer when I get there for the holidays but If you could email them to me that would be great.

I appreciate you creating such a beautiful board! I've seen many ideas like this on Pinterest, but have never been able to find a real link.

Looking forward to beginning the crafting! I just Mod Podged it onto a Monopoly board that came in the cheapest set I could find.

Thanks very much for these designs! They are so well done. I don't see any in all the pdf files.

Other that that I have all the printing, cutting, and gluing finished and I am ready to play the game.

Thanks for all your work. Thank you so much for putting this up here. I never feel so cool playing Monopoly, until this version came along!

I'm trying to figure out which board best fits the file size. I really want to make this so I can play it with my son who loves Harry Potter!

I have an old Monoply game board. How can I download this? I want to make it for his Christmas present. Has anyone made this who can explane how to do?

What paper to print on and what size exc. I'm really bad at this kind of stuff but i really want this game! Ok, so I know it been forever since you posted this, but I can only find a place to print in 16x20 and 18x Does the size of the print change with the paper size?

What would your suggestion be? This is the last step to completing this project. I hope to hear back soon.

Thanks so much for making this available to the public! You just made my morning!! My brother is going to love this for Christmas!! Thank you so much for doing this!

I made it for my wife for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it! They didn't even customize the money or pieces. I doubt anyone will buy it anyway.

Am I missing something? I feel that there are more print outs than the images on this page but I'm not seeing what to click on.

It's probably quite obvious and will end up with me feeling pretty silly but please help. Thank you very much, for all of these explanations : i did my own, following your advice.

You did a big big big job, and a great one, I would like to thank you for sharing everything, So,now I have my own, thank you again. Hi I'm wanting to make this with my grandsons over the school holidays and just wondering if it is still available as a pdf download?

My email is wildsage dcsi. I'm loving the job you do on this version of a Harry Potter's Monopoly. I wondered with which software you made it.

Is it Adode Illustrator or something like that? I'd like to offer it to my sister for her birthday, or Christmas if I don't have enough time.

Die deutsche Version vom Rick and Morty Monopoly gibt exklusiv und NUR bei Vorschau: Rick and Morty Monopoly Deutsch Spielbrett Box Vorschau: Rick. Ein vollständiges "Monopoly"-Set beinhaltet neben Spielbrett, Figuren, Geld und Karten 32 Häuser und 12 Hotels. Sind alle 32 Häuser gebaut. Monopoly Zelda. Es wird auf Deutsch erscheinen! Spielzeug, Monopoly Spielbrett, Monopoly Spiel, Disney Spiele, Disney Pixar, Mädchenbretter,. Mehr dazu. Or can this played in English?! The cardboard insert from the box will likely be covered with a map of Hogwarts or possibly a picture of Gringotts galleons, sickles and knuts. Thank you a lot! This item will post to Francebut the seller hasn't specified postage options. Any chance that you made up money too? MrsBeauchamp 23 November,

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6 Geheimtipps, mit denen du jedes deiner Lieblingsspiele gewinnst Monopoly Spielbrett Deutsch Amazon Pay. Rick and Morty - Portale visit web page 3D-Untersetzer Skat Anmeldung Meeseeks - Tischlampe Inhalt 1 Stück. Da man sich selbst auf das erste Monopol konzentriert, hat man im Grundstückshandel mit den anderen Spielern gute Karten. Ziel des Spieles ist, nicht bankrott zu gehen, bzw. Dezember Dessen Erkenntnisse wollte sie den Menschen mit einem Brettspiel nahebringen: arbeitslose Einkünfte des Grundbesitzers auf der einen Seite schaffen Armut und Verelendung auf der anderen Seite.

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